Low Carb Cajun Cauli Hash

cajun-cauli-hashThis dish is the most remarkable low carb breakfast dish I’ve had so far, and I’m so bummed I didn’t invent it myself! Nope, it has minor variations on flavor, ingredients and carb counts, but this gem was inspired by Sprinkled Side Up’s Cauliflower Pastrami Hash. It’s so darn good.

Cajun Cauli Hash
Serves 2
This is the best way to eat cauliflower, saturated in cajun and pastrami seasoning. You won't regret this delicious breakfast treat that can also be eaten for dinner!
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  1. 2 tbsp olive oil or ghee
  2. 1/2 onion (chopped into 1/4 inch pieces)
  3. 2 tbsp minced garlic
  4. 1lb bag frozen cauliflower (steamed and then chopped into small even chunks)
  5. 1 tsp cajun seasoning
  6. 8oz shaved red pastrami (chopped into 1" slices)
  7. 1/2 green pepper (chopped into 1/4 inch pieces)
  1. In your olive oil/ghee, saute' your chopped onions for five minutes over medium heat.
  2. After five minutes, saute your garlic for two minutes.
  3. Squeeze any excess water from your steamed and chopped cauliflower and add it to the saute' for five to ten minutes until it begins to brown and get crispy.
  4. Add cajun seasoning and mix.
  5. Add chopped pastrami and green peppers.
  6. Toss and cook until hot all around (about 5 minutes.)
  7. Add to bowls.
  8. Fry an egg sunny side up, add to the top of your bowls, and dash with more cajun seasoning.
  9. Enjoy!
Adapted from Sprinkled Side Up
Adapted from Sprinkled Side Up

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