WickedStuffed Sponsorship

by Amanda C. Hughes

Dear potential sponsor, buddy, pal, new BFF, partner in foodie crime,

Thank you for considering sponsoring my site. You won’t regret it.

WickedStuffed.com averages 250,000 sessions per month and over 600,000 page views from those who are seeking naturally low-carb recipes using whole foods. I have more than 60,000 highly active keto email subscribers who ring in an 11% click-through rate, while the industry average is just 2.6%. The open rates on my emails are also 32% while the industry looms at 24%. Not to mention, WickedStuffed recipes on Pinterest have tens of thousands of re-pins.

There’s no other food blogger out there that can get your product out there as strategically as I can. Although WickedStuffed is a hugely popular low-carb, paleo-friendly recipe and health blog, my main business is running a content marketing agency. Writing and promoting content is what I do. I have authored several marketing books, taught workshops all over the world, and published more than 1,000 articles and ebooks on content marketing, SEO, and social media. In fact, I’ve been in the magazine publishing industry for almost a decade, so I understand how to market a product, and since I only advertise products I can stand behind, it makes my job easy, and authentic.

Note: I don’t promote exogenous ketones or supplements, as my readers focus on food-based nutritional ketosis.

My ad packages are simple. I sell entire site-wide sponsorships, and I welcome one sponsor per month. Your product is my only promotional priority, featured on every page of WickedStuffed.com, in email, and in social media.

What you’ll get for a whole month:

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Sitewide sponsorship:

  • Leaderboard ad in the header of the homepage (dimensions: 100h x 700w)
  • Square ad in the top right sidebar of the homepage (dimensions: 250h x 350w)
  • Leaderboard ad above each recipe: (dimensions: 150h x 600w – same as email)
  • Middle leaderboard ad in the middle of every article (dimensions: 100h x 300w or text ads)

Email sponsorship:

  • Two dedicated email ad spots (dimensions: 150h x 600w or text ads) in every weekly email
  • One dedicated promotional email to my list (you provide the copy/images)

Blog post sponsorship:

  • First month: A review of your product.
  • Months thereafter: A recipe that features your product OR a giveaway (you provide the products).

Social sponsorship:

  • A mention in my Twitter profile (April is sponsored by @yourcompany)
  • One Tweet per week with whatever message you choose
  • One post on Facebook per week featuring whatever message you choose
  • Mentions on Instagram throughout the month
  • Pins on Pinterest

2020 Rates:

  • $1500 per month
  • $999 each additional month

Amount is due in full at the time of reservation.

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