Keto Life Book: Your Guide to a Low Carb Whole Food Life

by Amanda C. Hughes

Keto-life-cover-400pxUpgrade your low carb diet with whole foods.

Several years ago, I suffered from vertigo, the resulting anxiety that goes with it, fatigue, and like most of us who begin the journey to ketosis – I was overweight.

After months of research into ketosis diet plans, the ketogenic diet itself, good fats, and the connection between sugar and cancer, I decided to dive into it. Within the first 24 hours of eliminating sugar and most carbohydrates, my vertigo was noticeably less and in turn, so was my anxiety. That first night I had so much excess energy that I emptied all my cabinets, cleaned and organized them. By the end of 30 days, my vertigo and anxiety was almost non-existent and I had lost 20lbs.

That’s my short story. It hasn’t been a perfect journey, and I’ve fallen off the wagon plenty, but there’s one thing I always know: if I want to feel better, I need to eliminate sugar and carbs from my diet. And the best part: it’s easy. And it works fast.

And every time you need to get back up – you need to start from scratch.

That’s what Keto Life is for – starting over, or just starting in general.


BONUS: When you purchase Keto Life, you get direct access to me, so you can email me with any questions you have along the way.

Whether you’re using the ketogenic diet to lose weight, lean up, reduce anxiety, fight a nasty disease or just feel lighter and gain energy, this guide I’ve been writing for three years will be an invaluable resource to you.

With that in mind, you should probably know that I do keto a little differently. I focus hard on good fats, veggies, and sneaking in fruits when I can. You’ll find that the recipes and tips in this handbook are often paleo-friendly and use whole foods whenever possible.

In Keto Life you’ll discover:

  • All of the must-have cooking and baking equipment that makes things like zucchini noodles and low-carb soups possible.
  • A mix and match 7-day meal plan that could easily be stretched out to a few weeks and more.
  • An every-week go-to shopping list that you can copy, paste, and bring with you on every single shopping trip.
  • A guide to nutritional supplements that many keto-ers opt into, the deal with keto sticks, and the natural sources of many vitamins you can get through food.
  • The not-so-pretty side (carb withdrawals, etc.) and how to combat them with more food.
  • A list of my very favorite keto-friendly products and snacks to get you through work days and road trips – most of which can be bought online.
  • A guide to meat, fats, fruits and veggies – tips for finding the best meats at the cheapest prices, and some nerdy stuff about grass-fed beef and the quality of fats in your food.
  • All of my go-to recipes, including ones made exclusively for this book. These recipes use mostly whole foods and no artificial sweeteners.
  • Tips on how to eat keto while traveling, like getting lettuce wraps from the most aloof waiters.
  • How to talk to your friends and family about your new fatty diet.
  • How to come back from a fall off the wagon even stronger – sometimes a cheat day even helps you get over a plateau! Plus, other ways to get over plateaus.


Keto Life does not waste space with fluff about the benefits of a ketogenic diet. It’s easy to digest and skip around, yet includes an enormously helpful dose of everything you need to begin the keto lifestyle.

It has taken hundreds of hours to put together, thousands of dollars in ingredients, and many trial and error shopping runs.

Take it from me – the keto guinea pig

I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but I do enjoy being a keto guinea pig, and this book is a compilation of everything I know and has helped people over the years.

Not only that…

I’ve written it for you and myself.

  • If you’re ready to get in the car, go grocery shopping and get started todaythis book is for you.
  • If you’ve been doing keto for a while and have fallen off the wagon and are looking for a fresh start – this book is for you.
  • If you’re planning a lighter, happier and healthier life with the ketogenic diet – this book is definitely for you.

Keto Life is for those who are are ready to start their ketogenic life right now.


Here are some nice things that people have written to me:

I just discovered your keto-recipe jackpot & I cannot say thank you enough. You’ve just made me excited about eating lchf again-it’s been almost two years & I was ready to roll my eyes at another zucchini boat. Thank you, thank you! Am super excited to try your recipes, especially your keto cereal (all of my friends on Pinterest are already aware :)). — Jenna

I’ve done Weight Watchers on and off for years to no avail. Recently a family member started Atkins and I decided to try that. I have not felt good at all. My husband suggested it was all the artificial sweeteners and after reading through your site and tons of others … I think he might be on to something. So I’ve been reading A LOT this week and I stumbled onto Keto Life. It is AHHH MAZING! Seriously!! So good and such great info.  — Amanda H.

I just found Keto Life today, and would like to say that I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into it! …Thank you again for making an awesome book for us Ketoers. I’m going to go through and use a number of your recipes here ASAP. — Lucas C.

I just found Keto Life, and wanted to say that it’s AWESOME!!! I’ve been doing keto since the beginning of March, for health-related, though not weight loss, reasons, and I am so psyched to try some of your recipes. — Alix H.

I love your no-nonsense approach to the keto lifestyle and the truth about how sugar feeds cancer. I have been doing keto for about five months now. And it was a huge transition in the beginning. But I love it and I’ll never go back to anything else. I feel better. I look better. I sleep better. My skin is better, my stomach is better…everything is just better. And The best part is I never tire of bacon! Looking forward to reading more of your no-nonsense stuff. — Maria L.

Just found Keto Life yesterday and have put to practice the keto lifestyle right away…made the chili last night and the pancakes this morning were delicious!!!!  —- Blog commenter

Thanks for all the great info in your ebook.  Very, very helpful to me. — Barbara S.

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your ebook. I came across your blog about a month ago and have really enjoy your posts as well. Keep up the good work! — Jared

I just wanted to say that I just bought your book and started reading it right away.  I am very impressed!! Keep doing what you’re doing! — Nilda D.

And my favorite…

“omg I love you.”

Well friend, I love you too. And I’m so grateful that you’re right here on my blog, reading all of the recipes and posts that I’ve poured so much love into.

I know that you’ll love my new handbook to keto life and I can’t wait to send it to you.

Much love and bacon,