Fluffy Scrambled Cinnamon Pancakes

One of the first things most people learn to make on keto is keto pancakes. But one morning when I was, perhaps, not fully awake and acting like I’d never seen a frying pan before, turned my keto pancakes into a hot mess. So I said, hey, screw it, and I decided to scramble them instead.

I’ll tell you what, I haven’t made many pancakes since, because I’m all about optimizing my time, and scrambled pancakes are the way to go! To make life easier, I recently learned that the Cinnamon Vanilla shakes from Keto Bars can be used in place of half the ingredients in my usual recipe. This weekend I was like, hey, I wooooonder? So I tried it. And it was ahhhh-mazing.

So here is that recipe. And I’ve also included regular ingredients in case you don’t have their shakes on hand (I highly recommend the CInnamon Vanilla, it tastes like a hot chai!)

Fluffy Scrambled Cinnamon Pancakes {Keto, Grain-Free}
Serves 4
These fluffy and SUPER easy to make scrambled keto pancakes will change the way you eat pancakes forever!
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  1. 8 large eggs
  2. 8 oz cream cheese (softened, this is important)
  3. 2 tbsp heavy cream
  4. 8 slices of bacon (freshly cooked and crumbled)
  5. 1 package Cinnamon Vanilla Shake by KetoBars
  6. (alternatively, 4 tbsp coconut flour or whey protein powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 4 packets of your favorite sweetener like Stevia in the Raw, Truvia, Splenda Naturals, or other)
  7. coconut oil or ghee
  8. salted butter
  9. sugar-free syrup (optional)
  10. strawberries (optional)
  1. In a blender, combine all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Heat a medium frying pan to medium heat.
  3. Add 1 tbsp coconut oil or ghee and let melt.
  4. Once hot, add your pancake mixture.
  5. Let cook for a minute or two until you can see it's begun to bubble, then use a spatula to scrape the bottom and move the mixture around.
  6. Continue to disrupt and shuffle just like you would scrambled eggs.
  7. Once all of the egg is ready, separate into four bowls.
  8. Top with crumbled bacon, and a few slices of salted butter. Top with sugar-free syrup if you have something keto-friendly, and enjoy!

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