Homemade Crunchy Keto Cereal – A Favorite Low Carb Cereal

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Net carbs: 4
Serving: 1/2 cup including Unsweetened Almond Milk

Note: I’ve updated this keto cereal recipe! Here!

I’ve been on the lookout for a good keto cereal or at least a low carb cereal since June. I saw Paleo Bread’s version of a low carb breakfast (paleo cereal), but I have enough mushy pizza in my keto life, I don’t need mushy cereal too.

Thankfully, keto has made me really appreciate coconut, which I never even liked before. I use coconut oil in my coffee to add a little delicious fat to my days, coconut butter as a little spoonful snack, and dammit I toast coconut flakes (the bigger ones, not the slivers) as a snack.

Actually, the toasted coconut flake idea came from the day I got my Goodies Box in the mail and a glorious bag of Dang Coconut Chips appeared.

These things are heaven. Heaven. But they’re sweetened heaven, so they’re no good for keto.

So I decided to make my own toasted keto coconut chips, which can then be used for coconut chips ala keto cereal:

Keto cereal ingedients:

It’s actually ridiculously easy.

  • Spread a bunch of coconut flakes on a baking sheet (single layer)
  • Pop them in the oven on 325 degrees for about 5 minutes
  • Watch them closely, as soon as they start to brown, take them out – they burn quickly!
  • Once they cool and get crispy, throw them in a ziplock bag with a tiny bit of stevia, to your liking.

Voila! I like to keep these around as a snack.

But what about the keto coconut cereal?

Oh right! So once I perfected the keto coconut chips, I looked at them one day and decided they looked and tasted a lot like frosted flakes.

And with such a nice crispy consistency, wouldn’t it make sense to throw them in a bowl with some unsweetened almond milk?


And it’s amazing. I mean, I imagine that even if I wasn’t on keto, this would taste really good. I think my keto cereal tastes like frosted flakes.

So, there you go. You’ll thank me, I know you will.

Sidenote: Before toasting, some people melt a bit of coconut oil (maybe a teaspoon, only enough to cover the coconut chips) in the microwave, then combine the chips and the oil in a ziplock bag and shake them up until they’re all covered. Then they toast them.

I don’t do this, but just thought I’d share that perspective. I also don’t think this would work well for the cereal, maybe better for the chips.


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absolutely love this, thank you can't wait to try it! from fellow ketoer at kelliemac.com 


Glad I found your blog. I just made some of these for my mid-afternoon snack. Can't wait to dig in. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog.


I'm going to give this a try. Thank you for posting!


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