Dang Coconut Chips Review – SO GOOD, Sorta Keto.

I’d like to thank the people who supported Dang Foods on Kickstarter, because if they hadn’t I may never have been able to get my coconut-loving tastebuds on these Dang coconut chips!

They say you can throw these chips on your salad, or like, make cupcakes with them… but.. I couldn’t stop myself from eating them by the handful. They came straight from the chilly mailbox from my monthly Goodies Tasting Box subscription (it’s only $7 a month!!)

They were the first thing I tasted and they were AMAZING cold, although very good at room temperature too. They have a minimal sugar coating…nothing you’d be able to see with your naked eye, but so very wonderful. They’re a tiny bit chewy, but mostly chippy. I couldn’t find anything wrong with them.

In fact, I’d eat them EVERY DAY if they didn’t sweeten them. Since I’m a low-carber (for most days) I know that coconut doesn’t have many net carbs, or has very, very little. Unfortunately, for an ounce of these coconut chips, we’re talking 18g of carbs. That’s half of what I eat in a day.

Aaaand that’s why I started toasting my own coconut flakes. But, if your carb counts are higher, you can enjoy these too!

Also, I apologize for eating them so fast that I couldn’t spare a second to take an inside photo. I swear, it comes with a lot of them!

Dang was born out of San Francisco’s Underground Farmer’s Market, where founder Vincent Kitirattragarn cooked progressive Thai dishes for local foodies. One day he chose to cook a recipe handed down from his mother for Thai lettuce wraps. It required toasted coconut, which he snacked on and found to be crunchy, sweet and packed with energy. Inspired, he decided to start a company to make and distribute the Coconut Chips and name it after his mother whose Thai name is “Dang”.”

As of this second (and they usually sell out), you can buy them here if you join Goodies (totally worth the $7 a month). They’re $4.99 each.

I’m not an affiliate (check the link, promise!), so when I say buy them, trust me!


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