5 Best Keto Pizza Recipes

Although I don’t crave bread anymore, I still loooove me some pizza. Maybe even more than before I started eating keto. My first discovery of keto pizza was when I realized (after many failed attempts at cauliflower crust) that salami makes a dang tasty crust substitute. And now they’re making crusts with chicken and cheese … who knew?

Keep reading for some new dinner ideas, and please add your favorite recipes in the comments!

1. Low Carb Deep Dish Pan Pizza

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Net Carbohydrates:  1g per 1/8 pizza.

This recipe is pure genius. This deep dish crust is made from chicken and mozzarella cheese and you can top it with all of your favorite keto-friendly toppings.

2. Keto Pizza Bites

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Net Carbohydrates:  2g for 4.

These are my own recipe, one of the first I ever published. These beautiful little morsels of awesome are an awesome snack and they remind me of Tostino’s Pizza Rolls, which I’m notoriously a sucker for.


3. Keto Pizza Dip

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Net Carbohydrates:  2g per 1/12 bowl

Screw breaking your back over a thousand different cauliflower crust recipes and make a keto pizza dip instead. Pair it with some low-carb veggie snacks to dip and you have a SuperBowl snack that even you can enjoy.


4. Crispy Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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Net Carbohydrates:  8 g per 2 slices of a 13 inch pizza

The thing about cauliflower crusts is that they usually end up a bit mushy. Adding whey protein powder is usually the trick to hardening them up a little, but let’s be real — it’s cauliflower! This recipe, however, guarantees a crispy crust.

5. Egg & Cheese Crust Pizza

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Net Carbohydrates:  dependent on your marinara sauce, but otherwise should be 1-2 carbs per slice.

Crust is important, right? Well, if the cauliflower thing doesn’t do it for you, and the deep dish chicken and cheese crust pizza crust didn’t do it for you, then get back to basics: cheese and egg. You’d be surprised at how well they hold together with the right ratio.

Now it’s your turn, what are your faaaaaaavorite keto pizza recipes? I’ll keep this list updated with all of my favorites!

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