10 Best Pesto Recipes For Zucchini Noodles and Beyond

I’m a big admirer of pesto; the more garlic the better! Although some of the best pesto recipes are simple—oil, garlic, pine nuts, salt, parmesan and basil—I’ve been coming across lots of creative and drool-worthy pesto recipes I couldn’t help but share with you. Try them out and let me know what you think!

I’m compiling this list of the best pesto recipes on St. Patrick’s day, so maybe that’s why it’s such a green post, but there are other types of pesto too, like black olive pesto, beet pesto, artichoke lemon pesto, and sun-dried tomato pesto! I didn’t list them below because they could be considered a bit too carby for low carbers. Everything in moderation though, I say!

1. Classic Basil Pesto

best classic pesto recipe

2. Pecan Pesto

best pecan pesto recipe
Photo by Dylan Wilson for The New York Times

3. Creamy Avocado Basil Pesto

best avocado pesto recipe

4. Cilantro Jalapeno Pesto

best cilantro pesto recipe

5. Spinach Pesto

best spinach pesto recipe

6. Spinach Almond Feta Pesto


7. Pistachio Mint Pesto (higher carb due to pistachios)


8. Kale Pesto


9. Lemon Arugula Pesto


10. Cilantro Cashew Pesto (higher carb due to cashews)

cilantro cashew pesto

Once you’ve picked the best pesto recipe for yourself, make some hot zoodles and toss them around!

Disclosure: I'm not a nutritionist or a medical professional. The recipes and articles on this blog should not replace the advice of your doctor. Also, I only recommend products that I have used and love, but in these cases I may use Amazon.com affiliate links, which means I get paid a small commission if you buy the product. A girl's gotta pay for all these ingredients you know! :)

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