Coffee Blocks Review: Buttered Coffee On The Go

img_5401Do you know what stinks? Cleaning blender blades. I feel like I spend half of my life washing the single-serving attachment on my blender. So when Coffee Blocks came along and was all, “oh hey, try us out and see what you think!” I was all, “IS THIS SOMETHING ELSE I NEED TO BLEND IN A BLENDER, BECAUSE I DON’T THINK I CAN WASH OIL OFF ANOTHER SINGLE BLADE.”

But that’s why Coffee Blocks is so darn cool. Usually you want to make yourself some coffee with coconut oil or some grass-fed butter in the morning, right? If you drink coffee daily, this is probably part of your routine. You brew the coffee, you add the butter and/or coconut oil, and then you blend, and it’s a frothy wonderland of creaminess getting your day off to a good start.
      img_5425  Fats in the morning = fuel, and that totally rocks. But it also takes a while that you could be spending taking your dog out to poop, brushing your hair a few extra strokes like Marsha Brady, or perfecting your cateye before work (or doing manly stuff like oiling your beard).


Coffee Blocks is pre-made instant coffee with all the good fats built right into the formula. You just pour in hot water and stir, or if you’re like me and like to keep your coffee hot on the go, you use an insulated tumbler and you just shake it to get the same frothy effect.


In terms of flavor, I really like it. It’s dark, but also has a really soft taste that I sip through very quickly. And it’s awesome because it comes in a packet I can bring wherever. For the last month Coffee Blocks has been my blog sponsor so I had a couple boxes I’ve been running through and I love that a friend can walk into a coffee shop and get whatever sugary mocha-frappa-crappaccino they want, and I can just get a hot cup of water and have my buttery, fatty coffee with me. 


We all know one of the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle is that good intentions often don’t translate into execution and long-term implementation. What we choose to do has to be maintainable otherwise, we won’t do it long term.

Coffee Blocks came from this need of wanting to come alongside people and help make their aspirations of healthy living more attainable by providing a product full of healthy fats that is actually convenient and easy to implement in daily life without compromising on ingredients.


I will end by sharing that I have found Coffee Blocks to be great for anyone that is seriously trying to start or maintain a keto lifestyle. Getting into keto is tough coming from a heavier carb-loaded diet, and Coffee Blocks bridges that gap well to help people transition into keto without burning out.

Go check out my pals at Coffee Blocks! You can also subscribe and save.

Disclosure: Coffee Blocks is my October website sponsor, however these thoughts are my own. Their contribution helps fund future recipes. I only accept sponsors with products I use myself and think you will enjoy!

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