June Keto Krate Review + a CONTEST!


If you’ve been following along, then you know I’m a fan of Keto Krate. I’ve been a subscriber since the very first box and it’s been a delight to watch them grow. What I love about Keto Krate is that they provide snacks that I usually have never heard of, or haven’t been able to buy because I didn’t want to order a bunch just to try. It’s also where I discovered Keto Bars, who are my new keto snack BFFs and included their shakes in this box.

This month’s box was nothing short of the usual awesome. Also, scroll down for a CONTEST where you can get your own Keto Krate! (Or, don’t wait, go and get yours now.)

Starting off with a Vanilla Cinnamon Keto Shake by Keto Bars, you really can’t go wrong here. Keto Shakes are served hot, so you throw this baby in the blender with some hot water, add a little heavy cream, and you have this hot frothy chai-tasting concoction. Anyone on keto that’s been craving something sweet will LOVE this, and this is my favorite flavor of the Keto Shakes.

Next up, Mediterranean Herb Pistachios from The Gilded Nut. I think I’ve gotten these before in a Krate but I’m 100% OK with it because these are SO GOOD. It’s really very good they come in a small portion because pistachios are a little high carb and if you gave me a larger bag I would not be able to stop eating them. They are super heavy on herby salty flavor, a perfect snack around 5 net carbs for the container.

Aunt Lizzie’s Low Carb Cheese Straw bites had more ingredients than I’m into (soy protein isolate, oat bran, wheat gluten) with the same flavor as most 100% cheese crackers, so I can’t say I’m in love with them, but in terms of have more things to dip into my favorite keto dips, I’m definitely on board for the variety.

Next, two meat sticks (yay for meat sticks!) with no nitrates added – Nick’s Sticks and a Sweetwood Cattle Co. “FATTY” stick. I’ve had Nick’s Sticks before and I really like them. These sticks were turkey so they are low in fat (bummer) but they’re also 0 carb. They’re easy to devour and only slightly salted. Nick’s is good like that, no weird fillers. The “FATTY” stick is a “meat stick” so it’s a combo of different meats, again with mild seasonings which makes it a good snack in between meals, or with a spread of some cheese for lunch. Overall they’re both solid sticks for a lunchbox or a hike.

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Super Seedz! Yeah! I love these! The curry flavor is awesome, so you get to eat a handful of these light seeds bedazzled in a little salty-curry brine. It’s very hard to put these down and that’s OK because it’s just 1 net carb for 1/4 cup.

There’s also an Adapt Fat Shot, and I get really excited whenever one of these (or their little chocolate bars) pop up in a box because they’re highly addictive, and they’re built with pretty good ingredients. The fat shot is made with fats like macademia, cashews, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, MCT oil whey protein and butter. These are good for pretty much any time of the day, whether it’s in between meals or you just want some kind of treat.

Finally, Rawxie’s Chili Lime Crunch. It’s made up of little clusters of organic sunflower seeds, flax meal, flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, then tossed in lime juice, an ancho chili spice blend, onion, garlic fennel, and the works. These are nice and spicy and snackable. 

Basically, Keto Krate has done it again! And now, if you’d like to win one, enter below!

Wicked Stuffed Keto Krate Giveaway!

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