My First Keto Krate Review


If you’ve been on my email list for a while, you know I’ve been talking about starting a keto subscription box for a while. But I have to say I’ve admitted defeat and I bow down to the gods at Keto Krate now. All I wanted was a monthly keto box and they’re doing all the hard work. Sweet! Thanks guys!

A couple weeks ago I got their very first box. Now this box was pretty coveted, it sold out of their max subscriptions basically immediately.

Inside was:

  • A few personal keto stories that were not lame or filler, they were actually very cool and well written, keto recipe, and a list of all the ingredients in the box.
  • Two quest bars (chocolate chip cookie dough + strawberry cheesecake)
  • Eden Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
  • Ziggy Marleys’ Roasted Hempseeds
  • Saray Sriracha Mayonnaise (yum!)
  • Epic Uncured Bacon 
  • Krunchy Melts Chocolate Meringues (woah!)
  • People’s Choice Beef Jerky (yes!)
  • Moon Cheese

I thought the selection was spot on. A little bit of sweet, a little savory, a few protein bars, a condiment, a dessert. Great all around.

I think my favorite of the whole box was the chocolate meringues. I mean, I didn’t even think there was such thing as a delicious keto dessert, and here it was, delivered right to me. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that there were less meringues in the package, than a full serving size. Dawhhh.

And you can’t go wrong with beef jerkies and seeds. And quest bars. And I’m telling you, that sriracha mayonnaise is amazing on grilled chicken.

So yeah, I’m all about this box. Can’t wait to see what else they put together. Sign up before they sell out again!

Disclosure: I'm not a nutritionist or a medical professional. The recipes and articles on this blog should not replace the advice of your doctor. Also, I only recommend products that I have used and love, but in these cases I may use affiliate links, which means I get paid a small commission if you buy the product. A girl's gotta pay for all these ingredients you know! :)

Hey Amanada,

 I'm so glad you've taken the time to write up a short review of Keto Krate. These services are catching on like wildfire and I had begun to question their authenticity. It's nice that someone has taken the time to dispel some of the mystery.


I've noticed the gesture of adding personal stories, letters, etc is becoming more mainstream. One of the nicest gifts I've ever received came in the mail from Buffer in the form of a "thank you!" card, for participating in their Bufferchat. It's a gentle reminder that there is a human behind the brand or service that you're ordering from or doing business with.

Yup. There is nothing I like more than high quality(and tasty!) condiments such as mayonnaise. My family has had some for awhile now and I've had to discontinue it's use because of the carbs contained in it. Have you tried using it as a dip for foodstuffs such as pork rinds or vegetables yet? Talk about delish!

Keto on,

Shawn Michael Hartwell