St. Patrick’s Keto Pancakes

keto pancakes

What makes these keto pancakes so festively ready for St. Patty’s Day? Well, they’re shaped like shamrocks, and served alongside some corned beef! How’s that for festive?!




  1. Blend or beat together all of the ingredients until smooth in a bowl or blender (chef’s choice!)
  2. Heat a medium skillet, and grease with a healthy amount of salted butter or coconut oil and bring to medium-high heat.
  3. Expect to make four pancakes, one at a time. They will be thinner than traditional pancakes, but you’ll make them just the same. Cook most of the way on one side (wait until you see the bubbles), then flip!
  4. If you decide to make shamrock shapes, remove your keto pancakes from the pan and let cook on a cutting board. Once they are cool to the touch, use a metal shamrock shaped cookie cutter.
  5. Once you’ve made and plated your pancakes, top them with butter and/or sugar-free maple syrup(check your labels, they aren’t all created equal!)


*The nutrition information is per pancake. Be sure to add any net carbs for toppings like butter or sugar-free maple syrup.


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