What I Did When I Fell Off the Keto Wagon

So, I fell off the Keto wagon for a bit, but I’m taking this opportunity to start from scratch and document the transition since last time I started blogging halfway into it. I hate the induction period which is a good reason not to fall off the wagon, but I just HAD to have that doughnut cake on my birthday , didn’t I? I won’t even admit how many months ago that was.

Oh, and, uh, that Valentine’s Day incident, which I deemed a cheat day. And what a cheat day it was!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the disaster that followed. I now have a new wickedstuffed Instagram. Sugar is an addiction and I’m am, most certainly an addict. You can take your fries and chicken wings while I binge on sorbet, fruit and doughnuts ( I don’t like ice cream or chocolate, I swear!) Well, except apparently on Valentine’s Day. I swear I shared.

This time we’re weaning ourselves back slowly because I tried to get back on the wagon a month ago and the fast dive into 20 net carbs per day set my daily vertigo episodes on spin mode.

First step in the wean is cutting out sugary drinks and drinking more water and keto friendly drinks. This means this week we’ve stopped guzzling soda (gingerale – I’ll miss you) and all those cans still in the cooler from our many lofty BBQ’s can stop getting transported into the house.

I’ve never been big on soda anyway, so this isn’t a big deal but it has been an overly soda-y summer so it needed a week of weaning. Oh, and the Del’s lemonade packets, don’t get me started on those. Adding ginger, mint, cucumber and real lemon does not make them healthy.

So, here we go. Goodbye sugar! This time around I also vow to stop caring what people think about this diet and just tell them to do their own research.


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