Chicken Ranch Bacon Tacos – w/ Bacon Taco Shells!

bacon taco shells

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Is there any better combination than chicken, bacon, and ranch? It’s one of my favorite profiles I love to put together, which is why it made complete sense to make a shell out of bacon for this recipe.



  • 5 strips of bacon
  • pre-cooked chicken
  • ranch dressing
  • lettuce
  • cracked black pepper
  • freshly chopped chives (optional)


1. Find a big, microwave-safe bowl, and hang five full bacon strips along the side, slightly overlapping them so that they cook together.

2. Cook the bacon for about four minutes and check on them. If you still want to keep cooking, try in thirty-second intervals. Always watch them as they cook. I tried five full minutes at once and burned them, badly!

3. Let them hang once they’re done until they get hard and turn into the “shell” you want. The longer you cook them, the harder the shell will be. Before they harden you can trim them with kitchen shears to create a taco shell shape.

4. Take some pre-cooked chicken (like the stuff that goes on salads) and toss with ranch dressing, cracked black pepper, and chives (optional). I threw them in a skillet for a minute to heat up and that was good too.

5. Add a little lettuce and your chicken to the bacon taco shells and you’re good to go! Enjoy!


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