Low Carb Cheesy Meatball Sub

meatball sub

A keto twist on a classic Italian meatball sub. The best cheese for this one is provolone because it’s thicker cut and can really hold up to the warmth of the meatballs.




  1. It all starts with my favorite low carb meatballs, which are pretty much carbless anyway, topped with a naturally low-carb sauce (there are so many these days!) then topped with some shaved parmesan and Italian seasoning, on a sub of provolone cheese.
  2. When using cheese as the “wrap” on hot/warm sandwiches, I like provolone because it’s usually cut thick and can hold up under heat pretty well.
  3. To pack this ahead of time, just get some of those Lunch Blox (I have a few sets) and separate your meatballs from your provolone. Then, just roll them up at work!


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