Wicked Good Homemade Beef Jerky

homemade beef jerky

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Rather than trying to sweeten this recipe, it’s keto-friendly and pure savory jerky full of smoke flavor and ready to be brought on hiking trips, as snacks for work, or as a compliment to your cheese plate, without worrying about the carbs.




  1. Remove any excess fat from your beef, because fat cause early spoilage, and it’s also the reason why this is a rare case in keto to choose a lean cut of beef.
  2. Slice your flank steak into 1” strips, with the grain, although cutting against the grain with jerky will result in crumbly jerky that some people love.
  3. Combine steak, and the rest of the ingredients into an air-tight container and let marinate overnight.
  4. Turn your dehydrator to 160 degrees, and cook for at least four hours, until it reaches your desired consistency. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions, because some models may require you to rotate your trays during the process. 2-3lbs of raw steak will result in about 1lb. of dried jerky.


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